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Keeping It Real-Estate Show

May 30, 2023

Michael Guthrie is the co-owner and VP of Sales of a multimillion-dollar automated teller machine distributorship, Automated ATM Solutions, Inc. He’s a Capital Raiser, Multifamily Investor and Syndicator at Pacific Capital LLC, currently owning over 8,280 doors across multiple markets, providing a passive income. Together with Samantha Guthrie, they have raised over $65 Million for Syndications in the past 14 months across 12 separate Syndications as a General Partner. They have 23 years of real estate investment experience, including property management of apartments and single-family homes. They are Multifamily Investors, Syndicators. From starting their ATM Processing company on a credit card to now running a multi-million-dollar operation, the story of Michael and Samantha Guthrie will inspire the entrepreneur in you.

To get in touch with Mike, email him at: or send him a text with your email to 509-270-6701. You can also connect with him on these social media sites: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:  Instagram:

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