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Keeping It Real-Estate Show

Feb 14, 2023

Ral West lives in Alaska and Hawaii. During her 40-plus years as an entrepreneur, she (together with her husband) has built and sold businesses, including a charter airline business they had for over 25 years that they sold to Alaska Airlines in 2008. From there, they moved to cruise ships and for over 10 years they owned and leased several 100-ton passenger overnight vessels, which were deployed in Alaska and Mexico. They have also been investing in commercial and residential properties in Alaska and Hawaii for over 30 years. They entered the multifamily investment market in February 2021 when they joined Brad Sumrok’s Apartment Investor Mastery Personal Mentoring and Mastermind program. They founded Hardwick Apartment Homes LLC in March 2021 and since then have invested over $7.5 million as Limited Partners, Key Principals and co-General Partners in nearly 6000 doors in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Florida. They plan to continue to invest in multifamily properties in high-growth Sunbelt states.

In this episode, Ral shares powerful insights on how to retire early, where to invest money NOW, and major lessons learned fom her journey as a serial entrepreneur.

Keeping it Real Estate is brought to you by Granite Towers Equity Group. At Granite Towers, we help investors create passive income through multifamily real estate. Mike Roeder and Dan Brisse are the founders of Granite Towers, and the hosts of Keeping it Real Estate. To get into contact with Mike and Dan, click the link below, and fill out the contact form.