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Keeping It Real-Estate Show

Mar 21, 2023

Whitney Elkins-Hutten explains how you can generate truly passive income and grow wealth during challenging times and how to get started in real estate even if you're new to investing.

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Mar 14, 2023

Join Tarek El Moussa, the renowned real estate investor and entrepreneur, as he shares his insights and strategies for success in business and beyond. Tarek talks with Dan Brisse & Mike Roeder to discuss the mindset, tactics, and tools needed to achieve your goals and build a thriving business.

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Mar 7, 2023

David Meltzer went bankrupt loosing $100M during the 2008 financial crisis. After the fire settled, he built it all back and has been on a mission to coach and inspire business leaders and entrepreneurs. David's life mission is to empower over 1 billion people to be happy.

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Feb 28, 2023

Dan Brisse shares the top 10 concerns investors have and adds advice on how you can position yourself to succeed with the current market conditions investors are facing.

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Feb 21, 2023

Dr. Hoa Nguyen is an entrepreneur, author, eye doctor, speaker and a real estate investor and syndicator. She is the CEO and co-founder of Blacksteel Investment Group. She has $580M AUM in real estate and is invested in over 7,300 units as general partners and limited partners across 27 apartment communities. She owns...